Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Insect Storage Box

Insect Box

Insect Storage Boxes in varying shapes and sizes are most commonly used in biology laboratories for storing different insects. Since dead insects are very delicate, it is important to store them carefully, in order to make them last for years.

Types of Insect Storage Box
There are various boxes available for storing insects, made from different materials and having different size, some of the popularly used boxes are:
  • Schmitt Box: This box provides an economical solution for storing pinned specimens. The box makes use of polyethylene foam for standard protection.
  • Riker Mounts: This box does not use the pinning method for storage, these are provided with cotton backing and a glass top for storing insects on the soft cotton base.
  • Cigar Box: These are corrugated cardboard boxes, suitable for short term use and do not provide much protection.

These boxes are a cost effective option for storing and displaying insect collection. The boxes are specially designed with pinning base to protect mounted specimens. The pinning base is generally made of polyethylene foam. These boxes are airtight, for providing security and protection from moths and other pests and insects.

Use of Insect Storage Box
  • Biology Laboratory
  • Museums
  • Educational Laboratory

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