Sunday, September 14, 2008

Emergence and Rearing Traps

New Jersey Trap

An emergence trap is any device that prevents adult insects from dispersing when they emerge from their immature stages in any substrate, such as soil, plant tissue, or water. A simple canopy over an area of soil, over a plant infested with larvae, or over a section of stream or other water area containing immature stages of midges, mayflies, and other arthropods will secure the emerging adults. If it is equipped with a retaining device, as in the Malaise trap, the adults can be killed and preserved shortly after emergence.

It must be remembered, however, that many insects should not be killed too soon after emergence because the adults are often teneral or soft bodied and incompletely pigmented and must be kept alive until the body and wings completely harden and colors develop fully. Emergence traps and rearing cages enable the insects to develop naturally while insuring their capture when they mature or when larvae emerge to pupate.

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