Monday, September 15, 2008

Pin placement for mounting various types of insects

Diagram showing the proper pin placement for mounting various types of insects

Standard methods of pinning some of the commoner types of insects are as follows:

(1) Orthoptera—Pin through back of thorax to right of midline (A—B). For display purposes, one pair of wings may be spread as shown, but many orthopterists prefer to leave wings folded because of limited space in most large collections (see Beatty & Beatty 1963).

(2) Large Heteroptera—Pin through triangular scutellum to right of midline (C). Do not spread wings. In Reduviidae, Coreidae, and other slender forms, pin through back of prothorax to right of midline.

(3) Large Hymenoptera and Diptera—Pin through thorax between or a little behind base of forewings and to right of midline (D). So that no characters on body are obscured, legs should be pushed down and away from thorax, and wings turned upward or sidewise from body. Wings of most Diptera will flip upward if specimen is laid on its back before pinning and pressure is applied simultaneously to base of each wing with pair of blunt forceps. Wings should be straightened if possible so venation is clearly visible. Folded or crumpled wings sometimes can be straightened by gentle brushing with a camel’s hair brush dipped in 70 percent alcohol. For Hymenoptera wings, Peterson’s XA mixture (xylene and ethanol, equal parts by volume) is recommended.

(4) Large Coleoptera—Pin through right wing cover near base such that the pin exits through the metathorax (between the middle and hind legs) (E). Do not spread wings.

(5) Large Lepidoptera and Odonata—Pin through middle of thorax at thickest point (F) or just behind base of forewings (G)


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