Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mounting Specimens

Commonly used specimen mounting tools include a pinning block, forceps, pins, points, glue, and scisssors

Specimens are mounted so that they may be handled and examined with the greatest convenience and with the least possible damage. Well-mounted specimens enhance the value of a collection; their value for research may depend to a great extent on how well they are prepared.
Standardized methods have evolved over about 2 centuries in response both to the aesthetic sense of collectors and to the need for high quality research material.

Specimens to be prepared for a permanent collection may be fresh, that is, their body tissues not yet hardened or dried; or they may have been in temporary storage and must be specially treated before mounting. Dry specimens usually must be relaxed, and those preserved in liquid must be processed so that they will dry with minimal distortion or other damage.

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