Sunday, September 14, 2008

Windowpane Traps

One of the simplest and cheapest traps is a barrier consisting of a windowpane held upright by stakes in the ground or suspended by a line from a tree or from a horizontal line. A trough filled with a liquid killing agent is so placed that insects flying into the pane drop into the trough and drown. They are removed from the liquid, washed with alcohol or other solvent, then preserved in alcohol or dried and pinned. The trap is not recommended for adult Lepidoptera or other insects that may be ruined if collected in fluid.

A modification of this trap uses the central "pane" of a malaise trap instead of a pane of glass. The malaise trap pane covers more space than glass, is easier to transport, and, of course, is not breakable. Various mesh sizes if cloth can also be used depending on the insects targeted. These traps may also be referred to as flight intercept traps.

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