Sunday, September 14, 2008

Malaise Traps

Malaise trap is one of the most widely used insect traps was developed by he Swedish entomologist René Malaise and that now bears his name. Several modifications of his original design have been published, and at least one is available commercially. The trap, as originally designed, consists of a vertical net serving as a baffle, end nets, and a sloping canopy leading up to a collecting device .

The collecting device may be a jar with either a solid or evaporating killing agent or a liquid in which the insects drown. The original design is unidirectional or bidirectional with the baffle in the middle, but more recent types include a nondirectional type with cross baffles and with the collecting device in the center. Malaise traps have been phenomenally successful, sometimes collecting large numbers of species that could not be obtained otherwise. Attractants may be used to increase the efficiency of the traps for special purposes.

References: Butler 1966; Townes 1972; Steyskal 1981 (bibliography).

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