Sunday, September 14, 2008

Special Problems and Precautions in Rearing.

Problems may arise in any rearing program. Cannibalism, for instance, is a serious problem in rearing predaceous insects and necessitates rearing specimens in individual containers. Some species resort to cannibalism only if their cages become badly overcrowded. Disease is also a problem. It can be caused by introducing an unhealthy specimen into a colony, poor sanitary conditions, lack of food, or overcrowding.

Cages should be cleaned frequently and all dead or unhealthy specimens removed. Use care not to injure specimens when transferring them to fresh food or when cleaning the cages. Mites and small insects can be transferred with a camel’s hair brush.

Attacks by parasites and predators also can be devastating to a rearing program. Carefully examine the host material when it is brought indoors and before it is placed in the rearing containers to lessen the possibility of predators and parasites being introduced accidentally. Also, place rearing cages where they will be safe from ants, mice, the family cat, and other predators.

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